Vinyl: Patrick Arbez “Wasserstoff”

[vit013R] Patrick Arbez “Waterfront” – incl. Felix Bernhardt Remix
Waterfront is called the next release by Patrick Arbez. Straight known Arbez-Techno how we love it. It contains 2 original tracks and 2 remixes by Felix Bernhardt. That´s enough to speak about cause it´s better to listen now!

Vinyl: iNk “Velocity”

[vit013R] iNk “Velocity”
Includes remixes by Osmicz, Indigo Child, Forest People

First release on Vi Tva for this upcoming techno producer iNk other darker side of young and talented producer from Bosnia & Hercegovina, Azur Odobasic. His new iNk style is dedicated to an techno sound and frame of mind in regards to underground electronic dance music. We have on this release iNk original track with remix support from powerfull techno artist with likes from worldwide DJs and techno radio stations. Osmicz is up on board with his dark and trippy edit of Velocity, Indigo Children is serving much more groovy and harder techno sounds giving original some more power. Forest People is on a remix work here too, he is doing amazing in 2013 and have some pretty amazing stuff upcoming in 2014 so with this guys on board this release is a really must have for all techno fans..stay tuned!

Vinyl: LetKolben “Soul”

[ENTER014] LetKolben “Soul”
Incl. remixes by: Information Ghetto, Yuri Alexeev

SOUL – the spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body and in many religions is believed to live forever. SOUL – the ability of a person to feel kindness and sympathy for others, to appreciate beauty and art, etc. SOUL – a person’s deeply felt moral and emotional nature. SOUL – the new emotional release by LetKolben that touches you deep inside and caresses your soul. SOUL – including 2 remixes by: Information Ghetto and Yuri Alexeev

Vinyl: “Spank Me”

A master of many genres, and mixer of all styles,

Cheeky D has rapidly become one of South African´s most sought-after dance brands. He’s featured alongside top international artists, as well as the best of South African´s talent pool.Check out Cheeky D’s unique blend of up-tempo, bouncing house grooves, laden with all kinds of technical magic. But that release likes to sounds international, dirty and big… so Mr. Cheeky D invited Inner Drive (Serbia) and Richie Beat (Slovenia) to do a BiG SOuND!

CD & Digital: Ambient Lounge

[vitCD012] VARIOUS ARTISTS “Ambient Lounge”
AMBIENT LOUNGE lädt Euch ein zum Zurücklehnen und entspannen. 13 wundervolle Chill Out und Ambient Tracks aus Serbien, Italien, Türkei und Weißrussland. Nehmt Euch eine Cocktail und relaxt.

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